Wardrobe must-haves

Wardrobe must-haves

Men don’t have the luxury of a lot of options but women have the luxury of a lot of the options when it comes to their wardrobe, but most of the women end up with lots of clothes they don’t wear. They do end up hoarding clothes like nobody’s business. Sadly we end up pushing those never touched outfits into the dark abyss of the things rejected.

We are here with a listing of some absolute must-haves for your gorgeous ladies.

1. A Crisp white shirt:
There are some basic wardrobe pieces will never go out of the fashion. Reliable and effortless picks like a white shirt have always proven itself to be must have the cornerstone of a fashion and easy to navigate wardrobe.

2. Black Trouser:
It also comes in one of the basic wardrobes that will never go out from the trend. It can be of many types like wide-legged, high-waisted or cropped and slim-fitting. A sleek black is a perfect baseline for a polished outfit. It comes in handy for anything from job interviews to formal parties.

3. Skinny Jeans:
Flatterd and versatile pair of skinnies can never be beaten. But, in true words, it doesn’t have to be pencil-thin you should own a pair of jeans you adore. You should try a straight-leg cut or tapered for similarly chic and multi-purpose purchase. Try a simple, darker wash that can take you every time either in day or night without having to think twice.

4. Black Pumps:
Whether you put on heels or not, you should always have a pair of black pumps in your wardrobe. You never know when you are going to need this. Wearing an outfit with a classic black heel streamlines your look and makes you feel more confident. It doesn’t need to be of 5-inch stilettos or of big dollars. You should make sure that it’s neat, clean, flattering, and sturdy.

5. Blazers:
A well-tailored blazer is one of those essential wardrobe items for a working woman – and beyond. It can easily be rendered the most unexpected outfits office-appropriate.  Even if you wear a graphic t-shirt underneath, a neutral-hued blazer makes your look and feel amazing and confident.

6. A Stylish Watch:
Be it casual or formal, the look is complete only when one put a stylish watch on his/her wrist. It adds a touch of class and glamour to the overall look. That’s why you always need to keep it in your wardrobe.

7. White Sneakers:
White sneakers are very close to non-negotiable as wardrobe basics come. Be it slip-on or lace-ups, functional or fashionable, a pair of white sneakers will never go unworn. You only need to keep it neat and clean.

8. A Collection of Simple T-shirts:
May be you and your jeans already have a great thing going on,   you should stop trying on a bunch of tight tank tops and extravagant blouses. You should really try your looks wearing a few simple t-shirts in solid, classic colors.
As a starter, you should go with white and black colored t-shirts. After you have these two, you may want to go with a few pastels or darker shades. Depending upon the colors you normally wear. Pay attention to the cuts when you shop.

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