5 Fashion Trends You Need to Follow

5 Fashion Trends You Need to Follow

As the seasons change, so does fashion. What was huge yesterday, might not be so today. So, let’s assess some of the top fashion trends you need to follow this month. From hippy modernistic clothes, to colour blocking, utility trends, feathery accessories – we have got it all.

1) Hippy is back: While the boho trend was always around, the long, languid desert and sunset hues shone at the runway recently. With this trend you’ll see amulet jewellery, crochet pieces and raffia accessories. This means, stock up on those neutrals, pick out those hippie modernistic pieces you used to love back in the day, and top all of that up with a macrame bag along with an amulet neckpiece!

2) Colour blocking: For anyone who has been active on Instagram lately, we know the colour blocking trend is back. Suits in Bold, classic colours which can be dressed up or dressed down as per the occasion or mood – are back in style. Think zesty lemon jacket and trousers, bold shades of red and so on. Blazers are single-breasted, double-breasted, asymmetric-knot-fastened, and the lower half is either relaxed or fitted.

3) Utility clothes-Erm: what’s that, you say? With the fourth phase of feminism right here, designers are thinking that if you multi-task so well then so should your clothes. Think coats with separate pockets for phone, car, keys. This is the metamorphosis of clothes as we know it. Think: patch pockets; front-loaded tool belts slung across the body.

4) Feathery accessories: Any type of feather, just lay it on. Whether it is big chunky earrings with feather, bags with fringes, hairbands with feathers- it is all in vogue right now. Feather is the new fur!

5) 90’s is back: Nostalgia is nothing new when it comes to fashion. Trends come and go and come back again. But, this time graphics, colours, oversized jackets and shirts – basically your entire 90’s wardrobe is back in trend.

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