How To Stay stylish and warm this winter season

How To Stay stylish and warm this winter season

With the winds getting colder every day, we know that winter season is here and how! While every year, we bulk up in layers and layers of sweaters, we know we need a style overhaul. But how? We have lots of ideas for you that are simple yet game-changers!

Skirts wearing woman in winter

1) Skirts: Who said you can’t wear your skirts in summers? The free-flowing skirts add a nice edge to the outfit and you look stylish in seconds. Feeling cold? Just wear legging underneath that skirt and you are good to go. Pair the skirt with bold black boots for maximum impact. You can wear skirts with a blazer or just a loose sweater.

Woman wearing neutral color dress

2) Neutral is in: We know that most of our winter wardrobes are full of neutral tones anyway, so take advantage of it. Neutrals can make you look very classy. Bring out those beige sweaters and black pants. Change it up, by pairing maxi dresses with jackets for a stylish look! Animal prints, polka dots, stripes can help you show your playful side as well.

woman in black dress

3) Black to Basics: Black is a canvas on which you can build anything. Pair it with the navy to make a traditional yet modern statement or go for the contrast of black and white for an eye-catching, high impact partnership. You can even go with black and white stripes, white contrast with black- the options are innumerable.

4) Heritage checks: Checks are back and how! The classy gingham or checks have long been a winter staple and now they are back in trend. According to New York’s designers, countrified checked tailoring is set to enter our working wardrobes. That oversized blazer you have can be coupled with a tweed jacket for maximum impact.

woman wearing knit dress

5) Knit Dressing: Knitwear is not only easy to wear but serves the purpose as well. From slimline ribbed knit dresses to knit polo necks – knits are the way to go. Buy your sweater up for two sizes and pair it with a blanket knit scarf draped over the shoulders.

These are our five fashion trends you need to follow this winter! From longline skirts to neutrals, hermitage checks and knit dressing, your options are many!

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