6 Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Outdoor Photo-Shoot!

6 Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Outdoor Photo-Shoot!

Don’t we all to love to plan our instagram layouts? And don’t we all love it when we have something amazing to post on our instagrams’? But, an amazing Instagram feed starts with an amazing photo shoot and today, at Fashion Paradisso we are going to share with you some tips and tricks to set yourself for an amazing outdoor photo shoot. Here are six fun tips and tricks to jazz up your Instagram:

  • Always try to catch the morning light

There is a reason why photographers strive to shoot in the early morning light! Its’ because the morning light is the best light to get some gorgeous outdoor pictures – The light with the early sun-rise is perfect! If you are ready to shoot at dawn, you will always have an amazing outdoor photo-shoot basically because, the morning light is the light that lets the photographers experiment with camera settings – If the settings are right, pictures can be shot with low ISO thus, giving everyone the scope to add filters and edit multiple times.

So, don’t hit the snooze button and always try to catch the morning light when planning an outdoor photo shoot!

  • Scout for locations well in advance

This is very often ignored by many but we at Fashion Paradisso will tell you this – To have an amazing photo-shoot, you need to scout for locations and you should do this well in advance!

Yes, scouting for location can be tiresome but when you scout for locations, you know where you are going to shoot!! You can judge all the angles, plan better and get more ideas when you are all-ready familiar with the location.

Scouting locations in advance also gives you more time to shoot on the photo-shoot day!

  • Plan outfits according to the scouted locations

Now, that you have scouted your locations, you can now plan your outfits according to the locations you have scouted previously!

Scouting and short-listing locations may help you plan an amazing photoshoot in more ways than you can imagine. Locations can inspire you to be creative or you could plan an outfit according to the location! For instance: How beautiful will a red gown flow against a rustic fort? Or Color- blocking a lavender cocktail dress against a burnt orange background is another way to go. But, all these instances are possible only when you are able to scout locations well in advance!

  • Always plan a day in advance!

More and more planning but that is the key to having an amazing out-door photo-shoot! And, this is another tip we swear by in Fashion Paradisso!

Planning a day in advance gives you enough room to ensemble an outfit! You will not be

rampaging through accessories and shoes on the day of the photo-shoot. You could be all set with accessories, shoes, bags and your nails! You know this, we know this – That, to ensemble an outfit means to experiment and go crazy with your closet! Its’ the most fun when you have enough time at hand and indeed a great way, to ensure that you have an amazing photo-shoot.

  • Prop it up!

Our next big to you girl, is to prop it up!

Use Props, but not like the way they do it in the weddings or pre-wedding photo-shoots. Nope, that’s not natural at all – Do it in a more subtle, silent way like holding a cup of coffee or play with your scarf. Some other great props are reading a book, your bag or a bouquet of flowers.

All of these props add an element to your pictures and simply make the photo-shoot more interesting! You could also get creative with the props and add movement to your pictures – These Prop it up tip is definitely one of our favorite one’s in having an amazing outdoor photo-shoot!

  • Don’t crop – Shoot the detail shots, they matter!

So you have taken your full length outfit shots, the fun shots with the swinging bad, and the one with the props but you haven’t taken the detail shots because you think you could crop them? Well, we highly suggest against that! Detail shots matter more than you think – If you intend to crop, more than often you will not get them in the right angle. Moreover, they are never in the right ratio or the cropped up picture is generally grainy because of the low resolution.

People love seeing detail shots so don’t forget it when you are planning a photo-shoot – They matter a lot and they create great layout pictures for instagram and blogs.

Fashion Paradisso loves fashion and loves giving fashion tips! These were some of the tips and tricks we have employed for having an amazing outdoor photo-Shoot. We hope you had fun going through them and if you have any other tips and tricks of your own, we would love to hear about them! Until then, stay stylish!

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