The Classic Wish List of the Classic Bags

The Classic Wish List of the Classic Bags

If you are a fashion enthusiast you know the difference between avant-garde, fad, and haute couture. There is no fooling you! You are up to date with the latest trends, the latest styles, and the latest designs but as a fashion enthusiast, you also know that nothing of the latest category can replace ‘The Classic Wish List’ While there are many wish lists, that we wish to go over, today, here at Fashion Paradisso, we will cover the very first our classic wishlist of the classic bags! Here are six styles that never go out of style:

  • Crossbody bags:
Two girls carrying crossbody bags

You have to agree with us on this – A girl gotta have a couple of cross body bags! These are the classic style that has walked through the decade to evolve into various kinds.

Crossbody bags are one of our favorite ways to rock any outfit – be it a dress, denim or a jumpsuit, they can be paired with anything. Not only that, but the cross-body bag is also the kinds that can be used for any occasion. Depending upon the size and style of the cross-body bag, you can pair it up to travel to work, for a party or simply for a night of clubbing! Today, so many have adopted the crossbody bag as a staple of their wardrobe.

  • A Duffle Bag :
    The next one that we adore from our classic wishlist of the classic bags is called ‘The Duffle Bag’!
A sexy woman carrying duffle bag

The Duffle bag is the kind of bag that’ functional and stylish which is what makes it a classic must-have. The duffle bag is crafted by brands from a variety of fabrics that could be solid color or prints and it could be huge, small, medium-sized but its’ shape remains the same – A duffle bag is always cylindrical so that you can stuff all your stuff in it. It’s an ideal bag to pack for the gym or to take luggage when going for a short, around the town trip!

  • BackPack:
Girl with backpack

Another classic from the classic wishlist of the classic bags that needs no introduction today is the very classic backpack!

If you ask us, we at Fashion Paradisso will tell you that, backpacks are one such category of the fashion enthusiast that has truly evolved throughout the decades – From being functional for the school, they have been evolved to be very stylish while still maintaining the functionality! They have been included in a variety of sizes and fabrics by various brands to include in their catalogs.

Here, at Fashion Paradisso, we love back pack’s because they are so chic, so stylish and they tend to fit all our stuff!

  • Tote Bags:
Woman with tote bag on beach

We call the Tote bag a Throw it all bag because it literally is the kind of bag where you can throw your stuff in and be good to go. It’s ideal to take to work, to the grocery store or on a casual lunch out. A decade back, totes wouldn’t have been in the classic wishlist of the classic bags, but today, in 2019 it’s a different case scenario!

Totes today have totally become one of those categories that we absolutely adore!

Though totes today, are available in a variety of categories, our favorites at Fashion Paradisso include printed canvas bag totes and faux leather sleek totes.

  • The Sleek Evening Clutch
Sleek Evening Clutch Bag

Another one where you have to agree that a girl got to have at least a couple of these are the sleek evening clutches! The clutch bag is infamous for not being able to carry anything but we still love it. There are less of a bag and more of an accessory and the perfect companion to go with our cocktail dresses and little black dresses.

The sleek evening clutch is the type of classic bag that really compliments and completes your glamorous evening outfits! The evening clutch is the kinds that you experiment with – Go as simple as basic and black to match every outfit or take an orange clutch and color block it with that gorgeous plum gown! The possibilities are limitless and there is so much out there to mix and match with.

  • The Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag on beach

The last on the classic wishlist of the classic bags is the weekender bag!

We at Fashion Paradisso will tell you this – That, you don’t need a whole lot of weekender bags but you do need one in your closet! The weekender bags are ideal if you are kind of gal who likes to travel over the weekends. If you are the kinds, whose soul is smoothened by traveling, you gotta get yourself a weekender bags!  Weekender bags are designed to be trendy, functional and spacious enough to include all your essentials, your makeup, your clothes for a quick getaway over the weekend

So, that was our classic wishlist of the classic bags! Today, you will find all types of bags designed to be trendy, at all types of price-tags and crafted out of various fabrics but as a fashion enthusiast, you will agree that the classic bags are some of the ones that you can never replace! They shall always be trendy and loved by the fashion enthusiast. We hope that you had fun going through our classic wishlist of the classic bags. 

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