Formal Dress Styles: The Must-haves of this season!

Formal Dress Styles: The Must-haves of this season!

We, at Fashion Paradisso, will tell you this, that formal dress styles are more of an investment than a splurge! They are the kinds that you so often need and cannot be simply replaced – You need them for work, you need a pair for business luncheons and you need to wear formals for interviews.

Formal dress styles are the type of fashion category that is absolutely the must-have but what styles are the must-haves of this season? Well, in this post, Fashion Paradisso illustrates the same! Here are some of the formal dress styles that we believe, are the must-haves of this season:  

  • The Monochromatic formal with a deep-hued shirt:
    The monochromatic formals have been in style for a long while! It’s a classic combination that will probably not see the setting of the sun and we love that. There are so many ways to dress this formal style: You could color-block the deep-hued shirt with the mono-chromes, you could pair pin-stripe a deep navy blazer and pants with a black shirt and so on. Really, the options here are endless! You could either opt this formal dress style for a busy luncheon or wear it to the fashions’ meet for an event. Though formal, the way to blend the monochromatic duo with the shirts and how you do it is what makes this a classic style!
  • Do the monochromatic formal with a print:
    Taking a pop on the classic is what everyone loves these days!
    We, at Fashion Paradisso love saying that: A pop of print never hurt anyone! We have a wide range of prints in our fashion store and the way we suggest, you follow this trend is by first picking out the top that could be either smart stripes or crazy prints, really the choice is yours and then complimenting your prints with a monochromatic formal like a blazer, pant or formal skirt.

You could alter this trend to the way you like by playing with your prints, color-blocking the style or even pairing stripes with pin-stripes. Sure, this is not your get the deal business meeting attire but at a fashion gala or a music event where you wanna seem professional but fun, this could be one of your go-to styles! 

  • A-line Dresses – Pastel hues and Floral prints: 
    You have to agree that yeah, there are some industries that adhere to a strict formal dress sense but simultaneously, there is also an industry where the formal dress styles are evolving to a great extent! And this season, we see the evolution of the classic A-line dresses!

A-line dresses are the classic staple of any fashionistas’ closet – They have been around ever since the concept of dresses came into existence and for a while, they were accepted as formal dress styles at the workplace but the catch really was: That you could not really experiment! The basic hues were the most expected format but come to this season and its’ a different story altogether! This season, A-line dresses that are pastel-ish in tone and printed in floral are what seems to be catching on. At Fashion Paraddisso, we believe they are the next formal dress style to dominate the workplace.

A-line Dresses that are pastel-hued with floral prints are a subtle elevating the formal dress style and they can be paired up so easily with a formal dress jacket for that business luncheon or that presentation!

  • A-One Toned Nude Hued / Deep Pink / Navy Blue Dress:
    Here are some more styles of the same kinds that are the in trend or the must-haves for this season! A-one toned dress in especially Nude hued, deep pink and navy blue tones are exactly the ones’ that are making the buzz among the fashionistas this season! They are the kinds that are the perfect fit for the formal attire because they can be paired with a printed jacket to get you that semi-formal look or with a deep colored blazer to portray the serious business tone.  
  • Solid hued tops with formal pants/skirts:
    Again, a formal attire that has been around for a while now but has recently turned to be the must-have is the classic pair of pairing the solid-hued tops with formal pants or skirts! We love how this trend can be dressed down or really classed up. The choice here is again dependent on how you, the fashionista want to take on this formal dress style! Let us give you some ideas: you could either pair a classic white paint with a powder blue shirt (Wow, the combination) or you could go for the classic – An olive green top with a beautiful black skirt.      If you are a fashion enthusiast, you all-ready know this, that formal dress styles are the kinds that never step out of style! These were to list some of the few formal dress styles that are the must-haves of this season. However; we would love to know from your end, what do you think are the formal must-haves of this season!

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