What to pack for a beach getaway

What to pack for a beach getaway

Are you trying to catch a break after some crazy months of work or is the beach simply your calling! Whatever may be the case, you got to agree that everyone loves to hit the beach at least, once in a while – We all love the sunsets at the beach, the breeze ruffling through our hair and the sand in our feet!

At Fashion Paradisso, getting soaked in the sun at the beach is one of our favorite things to do and if you love hitting the beach whether, for just a quick getaway or a weeklong vacation, we have just the checklist for you! Here is what you should pack for a beach getaway:

Swim Wear:
One of the first things you gotta pack is your swimwear! Yes, it is the most obvious but the most important essential of all – There is nothing like getting drenched in the beautiful beaches and swimwear is just the right fit! Very often, you might find swimwear shops’ around the beach but it is always best to pack your swimwear with you.

A female in cover-up

The Covers Up’s:
Once you are done packing your swim-wear, we at Fashion Pradisso recommend packing Cover Up’s for your swim-wear! They are easy and functional fashion beings that make the perfect ensemble with the swim-wear for beach getaways.

Flowing Dresses:
Fashion Paradisso totally recommends packing a bunch of flowing dresses for the beach! Not only do they make the perfect outfit for an evening stroll on the beach but they are also the best for planning a photo-shoot on the beach. Whether you are a fashion influencer or not or simply an Instagram enthusiast, our stylists at Fashion Paradiso will tell you that you can have a smashing photo-shoot and jazz up your insta layout!

girl on beach in T-shirt and shots

Tee’s and Shorts:
The next on Fashion Paradisso’s beachy getaway recommendation list includes a couple of Tee’s and Shorts! You had wonder why? Well, they make the perfect combo for strolls on the beach. Never forget to pack a couple of them!

Sun Glasses:
We will tell you this that no beachy getaway is complete without a pair of sunglasses! If you are planning a beachy getaway, you have to pack a pair of sunglass with you – They complete the beach look and they are absolutely essential to ward off the direct sunlight.

Beach Towels:
Going to the beach? You have to pack a couple of beach towels! They are absolutely useful for lying on the beach or wrapping yourself with them after a dip in the beach.

Beach Footwear:
At Fashion Paradisso, we believe that there is one footwear designed for every occasion! While you can wear anything, anytime there are some times when the occasion demands to be met with the right footwear! Like stilettos are mean to rock the evenings, sneakers are meant to be strolled in, the sands of the beachy getaways are meant to be enjoyed with sandals! Anything else isn’t really beached footwear which is why we, at Fashion Pradisso recommend packing a bunch of sandals and chappals to enjoy the beautiful sands of the beach!

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas:
Next, that we absolutely recommend packing for long beachy getaways are beach chairs and umbrellas. If you are not simply stepping out to the beach but meaning to go on a vacation, we at Fashion Pradisso absolutely recommend carrying a bunch of beach chairs and umbrellas to enjoy the sun, sand, and the breeze!

Sun Screen and Lip balms:
While we want you to enjoy the sun, sand and the beach, we also want you to stay hydrated and protected from the sun!! You must always pack a couple of lip balms and sunscreens to avoid sunburns, dry skin, and patchiness. This is one of the top essentials that Fashion Pradisso absolutely recommends.

Continuing to speak of staying protected from the sun, we absolutely recommend packing sunhats! They are stylish, breezy and say, stay sunny!

Water Bottle:
It’s essential to take care of yourself which is why we absolutely recommend carrying a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated at all times!

A Beach Bag:
And finally, Fashion Pradisso recommends carrying a beach bag with you to ensure that all your beachy essentials can be carried easily. You can choose whatever you like but a classic canvas tote is the best choice for a beach bag!

At fashion Paradisso, we like to say that you gotta pack well to have some fun in the sun!!

Pack well, Stay Breezy and Enjoy the Beach!

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