The pieces you should get rid of this year | Fashion Paradisso

The pieces you should get rid of this year | Fashion Paradisso

We, at Fashion Paradisso know that getting rid of your fashion pieces is never an easy task!
We know how much you love your fashion pieces but, it is an activity that must be carried out yearly. And, while everyone has various ideas on the kind of pieces they should get rid of, we will tell you this that don’t give away anything your heart truly desires even if logic dictates otherwise!

So, without further ado, lets’ explore together some of the fashion pieces you should consider getting rid of this year:

Apparel that no longer fits you:

Whatever doesn’t serve you, needs no longer be in your closet! The first thing that you need to get rid of is everything that no longer fits you! You must get rid of every fashion item that no longer fits you; whether it’s a tee-shirt that’s now just loose or a dress that’s too tight or a pump that insists on giving you a camel toe!

Fashion Items that don’t flatter you:

The next category you must concentrate on clearing from your closet includes all the fashion items that really don’t flatter you! These could have been in trend or something you bought out on a whim but if they don’t flatter you, its’ best to clear them out of your closet!
Fashion Items that can no longer be fixed:
We know and we understand, it’s hard to remove a damaged fashion item from your closet! Whether it’s denim that’s ripped in the wrong places or pumps that are broken and can no longer be fixed, they all need to be taken out of your closet. We, at Fashion Paradisso get that you absolutely adore your fashion items but, you got to toss the ones’ that can no longer be fixed away from your closet.

Worn Out Fashion items:

Another fashion category that needs to be cleared out of your closet should be fashion items that seem run down or absolutely worn out! Yes, you may have loved them and adored them, but now, they are absolutely worn out. You could keep them if you still wear them a lot but if they are simply worn out and sitting there it’s best you take these worn-out fashion items out of your closet.

Fashion Items that you have no inclination to wear:

Probably the most obvious category out there which be skimmed through first when attempting to clean your closet! Very often, we hoard items in our closet – This may be due to either excessive shopping trips that sometimes you know, can result into whimsical buys’ or it may be simple gifts that are not your style. All of these fashion items that you absolutely have no inclination to wear, must get rid of! Pro Tip: If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, chances are you are not gonna wear it further.

Duplicate Fashion Items shall be tossed out:

One of the fashion categories that are not very obvious but is very commonly observed are the duplicate fashion items. Many a time, you will have a particular style and due to this, you may have similar fashion items. For Instance: Nautical Striped Dresses, Similar Colored Tees, etc. Now, if you have similar fashion items, we suggest tossing out duplicate fashion items. We also suggest combining one of the above tips with this one, such as discarding the duplicate that is probably worn out or you have no inclination to wear.

Remove the Worn Only Once Fashion Item:

Another fashion category that you can think about cleaning from your closet are the ones that you have probably worn only once! Though it’s’ tempting to stock everything in your closet, truth be told that if you have only worn it once ever, chances are that you are not going to wear it again and it is best to remove such fashion items out of your closet.
Fashion Items that no longer fit your lifestyle: Fashion is a forever evolving segment and while that is true, it is us who grows out and there may be times that the sequined body con dress that was once a staple, is now no longer a fit in your lifestyle!

Closet Cleansing is therapeutic in itself!
Though it seems to be one of the most difficult sessions for any fashionista, we highly recommend you going through this process at least once in a year! Getting rid of fashion pieces helps you to clear your closet and also make space for brand new fashion items.
It also helps you to re-organize your closet and understand what’s there, what’s not! We hope you enjoyed our list and we would love to know how you generally go about cleansing your closet. What are your tips and tricks for re-organizing the closet?

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