How to dress casually and still feel great

How to dress casually and still feel great

We are often stumbled by the flawless models in the magazines and while they might be their glamorous selves in print, it’s not the style that every fashionista adores! Many fashionistas today, prefer dressing casually but the age-old question is how do you dress casually and still feel great about it?

Many women also undergo transformative roles in their lives! At one point in time, you might like the high-heels and body-con dresses but today, your priorities have changed and you wanna dress more casually! So, if you have always wondered what is really the non-drab way of dressing casually and feeling great, then you are in the right place! In the next few stances, we are going to list how you can dress casually and still feel great?

Wear what’s comfortable:
The whole idea of dressing casually is feeling great & one of the ways to achieve that is to wear what’s comfortable for you! Your casual wear could be T-shirt dresses or good old denim and T-shirt combo. However; we will tell you this, that if it’s comfortable for you, then it’s the casual wear you should don on!

Get to know your body shape:
Dressing casually and feeling great has to do a lot with embracing the fashion look! One of the ways to do that is by knowing what your body shape is – If you know what your body shape is, you will be able to shop accordingly and embrace the fashion thus, making you feel comfortable and great about it!

Layering Casual Outfits:
One of the styles to embrace casual outfits is by layering! Layering Casual Outfits makes the look more sophisticated. It can also quirk your style up depending upon how you plan to layer the casual outfits! You could either add a scarf, statement necklace, vest, jacket or simply a cardigan. These are some of the ways you can layer your casual outfits and add some depth to your casual attire!

Play with a whole lot of Colors:
Let’s face it, colors make everyone happy! Sure, casual dressing means not really going over the top but no one ever said it should not include colors! Including colors in your casual dressing will certainly make you feel great. It also gives you a lot of options to choose from – you could include solid hues that could be either pastels or neon’s in your casual clothing!

Include prints in your style:
Another way to make your casual dressing great is by including prints in your style! Replace your regular white T-shirts with various kinds of prints – You could either go for floral prints, nautical stripes or quirky prints casual dressing!

Accessorize and Accessorize:  
We, at Fashion Paradisso love accessorizing! Our expert stylists say that accessorizing your casual dressing is one of the ways to elevate your style. You could either go the delicate ensemble route or wear heavy chunky jewelry but accessorizing is definitely one of the ways of dressing casually and feeling oh so great, about it!

Invest in Shoes:
Shoes that Spark up always life up the look! One of the ways to dress casually and feel great about it by pairing your casual outfits with shoes that you love. We, at Fashion Paradisso believe that a look that pairs your favorite shoes, whether they are pumps, peep toes or simply kitten heels is absolutely rocking which is why we suggest investing in shoes!

Dressing casually is a style statement in itself:
It is one of those styles that are not only carefree and comfortable but it can experiment with too!  We, at fashion Paradisso love the casual dress attire and these were some of the tips on how to dress casually and still feel great about it!

We would love to know your tips and tricks? And your vision on how to embrace the casual dress attire and feel great about it!

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