The Power and Magnetism of the Color Red- The Bold Party Look!

The Power and Magnetism of the Color Red- The Bold Party Look!

You will be amazed to know that red is not just a classy, bold, and attractive color but there is a whole lot of history behind the magnetism of this color. The love of color red goes far beyond our time and history and there is solid proof why we all get crazy about this color.

Oh! and you will be shocked to know that the “science says wear more red to win” a political battle. There is so much more about this color which prompts us to investigate why it is the most preferred color in fashion.

Let’s start with the Ancient History of Red:

Red is the color that is associated with fertility. From the very beginning of life, the color red has been the source of attraction. Whether it has been the case of plant’s entomophilous flowers which make a display to attract pollinating insects, bats, and birds, when fertile; Or it’s the case of human who has always used this color for the display of bravery, fertility, and sexual receptiveness.

According to many folklores, mythologies, and literature, women have been using the red lipsticks since as early as 10,000 B.C. The magnetism of this color has biological and evolutionary reasons. When the estrogen levels of a female species fire up her blood vessels open and cause reddishness of her face and other body parts. For thousands of years, this red color of female skin has attracted the male species and to this date, the color is preferred to do its wonders.

Red in Fashion:
The fashion industry has seen more revolutions than any countries government. And, in this ever-changing industry, the red dresses have their own history. Many designers largely used and preferred this color throughout the years. One of the most memorable items in the history of the red dress is “Red Valentino” and after that many seasons came and went by but the color red never left the ramp.

Another one of the real reasons for red always being in style is its association with passion, wealth, and power in today’s era. The color itself brings the feeling of class and elegance whenever we think about it. And, that is the reason it is one of the most popular colors of dresses for any social occasion.

A Bold Party Look with Red Dress
There are many ways you can pool off a bold party look at the same time appearing very classy and elegant. The secret is to be yourself, wear what you feel most comfortable, and don’t forget to pick red this time.

There so many choices when it comes to party wear. The array widens with choices like cocktail dresses, lunch party dresses, and evening dresses. And, in each area, you will find numerous styles and colors. However, when it comes to making a statement, we suggest you should always go for red.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you transform any simple look into a bold party look:

It is now a known fact that red is the color that wins when it comes to stand out of the crowd and also to become one of the most attractive ladies in the party:

1. Layer Prints:
Don’t limit yourself with just a single bold print when you can actually make it sexier and outstanding with contrasting red. If you are thinking of a layered print, make sure it does not look like your routine office wears. Make sure to pick a plain layer as a base and choose contrasting color prints above. Be its polka dots and stripes layers or stripes and floral, that would be your call. But, we can bet it will look good and classy.

2. Do Not Underestimate the Glam of Accessories:
If you don’t love red and do not want to dress red, that’s completely fine. Why not go for a light color that enhances the beauty of your skin tone and then add a bit of bright red as an accessory?
It can be anything from red stilettoes, overcoat, a bracelet to a red stoned necklace.

3. Don’t Forget the Charm of the Red Evening Gown:
If you are having a hard time picking up your perfect party dress and if it is an evening party, you can always go for the classy look. The red deep neck gown beats everything else. You can accessorize that with a simple pendant and silver bracelet.

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