7 Office Outfits that will Make you Feel Powerful

7 Office Outfits that will Make you Feel Powerful

Every attire says a bit about you, be it your mood or your personality. Your outfits can tell a lot about your personality. And the plus point here is, it is in your hands how you want to show off yourself in front of the world. It’s entirely your choice!!

We all know what to pick when we want to look hot and steamy. However, how many of us know how to look like somebody who owns the world? You need that attitude when you are in a workplace or on your way to crack a big business deal.

Here 7 outfit ideas that will boost your confidence for at office and make you feel even more powerful:

Tailored Blazer: All Seasons are Blazer Season

It’s the most obvious thing to start with. When we talk about power and office, the first thing that comes to mind is a pantsuit. Some people might argue that it is the era of women empowerment and we don’t need a suit (men attire) to feel powerful. However, it is not only a men-wear but tailored blazer also has been a huge part of corporate females’ life since half of the century. Many brilliant and beautiful women have slain this look and wears it like they own the world.

Balzers have been part of the pantsuits, but in recent years, they have been worn with many mixes and match dresses. Some of the most astonishing looks with the blazers are; blazer with palazzo pants, blazers with denim, and blazers with pencil skirts.

Go with Color Blocks Sometimes

Who said the office attires should be dull and boring? Try something different and something that brings up your personality. Nothing displays more power than the bright pairings. You just have to be creative with your picks and create eye-catching combination. For example, a burgundy blazer with a bright pink blouse will make a better statement than a blazer and white top.

Color Blocks

Mix and Match

This is one of the trickiest ways of dressing. However, it all depends on the person who is wearing. If you have that fun bug in you and you have the confidence to own your look, you should definitely go for different colors, prints, and patterns. Go for a layered outfit with different yet matching prints on each layer. Or maybe pick a plain bright layer and wear bold prints over it or inside it. Again, it is up to you and your creativity. However, the bottom line is these creative techniques brings confidence in you and tells the world that you have your own mind and styles.

A BodySuit or a Jumpsuit

If you are a bit curvy and don’t like to waste a single moment worrying about the spillage or the butt cleavage, then you should go for bodysuits. You can understand the comfort in every moment and the increased focus on your work. There are so many styles and designs for bodysuits which you can wear with blazers or jackets. As for the bottoms, the bodysuits go with almost everything from denims to pants and palazzo.

On the other hand, the jumpsuits again offer you the freedom of moment with amazing comfort. The best thing about a jumpsuit is you do not have to plan for the entire outfit from top to bottom, which eats up our most of the time and is kinda tiring process. With the Jumpsuits, you can go with stripes, bright colors, or any patterns.

BodySuit or a Jumpsuit

The Long Over-the-Knee Boots

I don’t know about you, but I always find it very bold and powerful when I see a lady in long boots. Especially, when it comes to the over-the-knee boots. Wear it with shorts, skirts, or even with denim jeans, they always make a powerful statement. All that and a bit of heels, imagine the “Devil Wears Prada” moment (just the confidence not the arrogance of course). It’s sexy, it’s bold, and it’s powerful.

Long Over-the-Knee Boots

Pinstripes: Yes those Billionaires Look

Professional pinstripe dresses have always been one of the highly preferred patterns by the most influential and powerful women in history and till now. The stripes, especially the dark ones over the white base, are the most attractive and portray a bossy look.

pinstripe dresses

A Pair of Plaid Pant

For offices, plaid pants are something that do not go out of style. These formals offer a class, a sexy look, and a feeling of power. As these pants have always been here, you must refresh the look according to the current trends. To bring the spark to the old simple plaid pant, go for bold colors. Try green, mustard, or any other bold color for the pants. You can also go for stripes or check patterns, which are both classy and attractive as well as very professional.

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